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We at The Blue Bullets make cost effective bullets for anyone who wants to enjoy the Shooting Sports. Our bullets are specially purposed for competitive shooters who need an accurate bullet with no barrel leading, no smoke, and at a price comparable to a non coated lead bullet.

What's our coating?

Our coating is a proprietary polymer based liquid coating that we mix in house (not a powder coating.) It is applied three times and left to dry in between. Once the bullets have sufficiently dried they then have to be cooked to fully cure the coating. The bullets are sized after the coating has cured to ensure a consistent and round bullet.

What testing did we do before bringing our product to market?

We want our products to be of high quality and reliability. We tested and perfected our coating recipe and application process for approximately a year before we were ready to begin selling our products. This included shooting over 50,000 rounds through three different guns. To further test the bullets/coating we shot over 30,000 rounds (of the 50,000) through a mostly stock XDM 9mm 5.25 in a competition and practice environment. During this test we showed no decrease in accuracy and no signs of barrel wear.

Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated business. We travel the country shooting competitively in USPSA and 3 Gun  type matches. We have shot competitively since 2008. 

We are in the process of expanding our product line so if there's anything you would like us to offer just let us know. 
We manufacture our products with the Highest Quality Lead Alloy that we purchase from a foundry that completes extensive testing to verify content, quality, and consistency. The hardness of our products will be between 15-18 BHN.

We do give away items from time to time via Facebook. Like us on Facebook and you just may win a box of bullets or a gift certificate.

We do offer discount on larger quantity orders over 10,000 rounds. If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity send an email to and we will save you some money...