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  • Brian Enos Forum Topic - The Blue Bullets
  • A Direct Unsolicited Email From Mr. Don C From Cullowhee, NC.
    • Gentlemen,
      I purchased a couple of 250 round bags of your 125 gr 9mm bullets at the Hickory gun show a week ago. Today I went to a local indoor range to test the bullets. Frankly, I wanted to see how they would compare to the Berry's 124 gr 9 mm flat points I was using and to see what they left behind the the barrel.
      I took a MK 25 Sig, P6 Sig, a CZ 75B, a tiny Kahr 9mm, and my SBR Uzi. All I can say is impressive. I used 231 in Winchester range brass with a Winchester primer. OAL was 1.155. Loaded on a Dillon 550B. Years ago I was very active in IPSC in Orlando, Florida and shot the World Shoot there in 86.
      All of the pistols shot to point of aim and very tight groups, no smoke and fed like crazy. The fun came when I put three 32 round magazines through the UZI.
      See the attached target. That's 96 rounds on the half size man target!
      The best thing came when I broke the pistols and Uzi down to clean this evening. Pardon the expression, but I did not find any Smurf poop in the barrels! Cleaned easily.
      I will be calling tomorrow morning to order a 1,200 round box of the 9mm 125 grain.
      Thanks for an incredible product.
      Best Regards,
      Don C
      Cullowhee, NC